Monday, March 3, 2008

The countdown is over & She DID IT!!!!

To any & all who were curious about Jessica & her weightloss countdown...She DID IT!!!
I am so proud of her & relieved that I do not have to post any bikini pictures of her. Not because I wouldn't...cause I would have! Love ya Jess-WAY TO GO!!!

{right on the mark}

{thumbs up for Jess}

{lookin' great from the front}

{& the back!}


Haley said...

Congrats Jess! That's quite the accomplishment.

Kass Martin said...

That's just awesome. I love that there were bloggers wondering about how the weight loss was going b/c let's face it we all wonder about those who are losing weight and how they are doing it. It's a girl thing. Congrats Jess. You are one hot mama. Becks is so cute. He seems so brave.

Sha said...

Brit, I have officially dubbed you the best digi scrapbook diva... ever! Your "stuff" (i.e. your blog header) always comes out sooo cute. I got into it a while ago, and yeah, I gave up once I realized that everything I put together looked like crap. So I salute you. (And no, you may not call me a nerd for using the term "I salute you"... admit it, that's what you were thinking.)