Tuesday, July 14, 2009

holy cow... i won!

i am not a big contest enterer, because i have always thought to myself- "if i like something, i don't need someone to tell me if they agree with me."  & i don't mean that with any sort of disrespect!  i just have never needed to walk the same way as everyone else.  but i have to be honest~ i am totally flattered that cjane & whoever else was looking, liked what they saw!

anyway... onto the details.  i was on my friend Haley's blog & i saw that she had submitted a picture to this little blog contest, so i followed her link & did the same.  i didn't think much else of it until i was reading a comment from someone on my blog & saw that they had seen me on cjane.  so i went back & low & behold- i won.  thanks cjane for the fun contest & for making my week just that much happier:)

p.s. i might not pass on all contests anymore.

{my sweet avi bug waving at the flag was my winning shot}

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"is it America's Birthday yet?"...

this is the question that i got from becks every morning for 2 weeks leading up to the 4th of July.  the first morning was the day after we put the flag up at our house.  when i told him, "not yet."  he responded with... "well then, why is the flag up?"  valid question i guess. 

our 4th is always jam packed with festivities!  we are so lucky to be able to get ticket from grandpa Mark, 2 years in a row, for balloon rides.  & this year the boys got to go up with aunt stephy & wy-wy.  it's early but totally worth it!  for some reason this year becks was really nervous about going, but the pilot said as soon as they we up he was like a totally different kid!  now becks wants to be a balloon pilot when he grows up:)

the balloon ride was over 2 hours this year.  it was crazy!  the boys had a blast, but it did make us late for the parade:(  & parking is always a nightmare, but again always worth it.  it works out well though, because my sister works at Acydia school of ashetics, so she puts blankets out in from of the school at the Wells Fargo building-- otherwise we wouldn't do the crazy camp out thing!!!  it is always fun to see how much fun the kids have watching the parade, dancing with the bands, running in the street like mad men for a salt water taffy.  oh to be young & so easily excited :)  after the parade we went straight home for naps, so we could get up & go to dinner & my grammy Donna's & grandpa Vern's.

the 4th wouldn't be complete without hitting up the festival- all 3 days:)  my mom is in charge of booking the entertainment, so if we want to see her during the holidays, that is where she can be found.  the kids love the food, the music, the reptiles booth & all of the people.  all in all it as fun as always & i am a little sad it is over.  i am glad that i live in America & that we were able to celebrate such a fun birthday for the land of the free! 

{becks & wy-wy getting ready to fly}

_MG_2273edt copy
{just chillin' with dad & grandpa. the only proof avi was at the balloons}

{getting the ballon up is a lot easier than taking it down!}

{a view from the basket}

{still nervous... avi even lent her snuggily.  & if you know avi she never lets that go!}

{Alexander's balloon is the first balloon up, with the flag...}

{& they're off!}

{the skies were beautiful after the storm passed}

{after touch down, this kid was all smiles... talking about next year already}

{avi waved at every float that came by}

{while becks screamed at every float that came by}

{all smiles, even after a long morning}

{good bye until next year... can't wait}

**for more fun freedom fest pics vistit http://cjaneprovo.blogspot.com/2009/07/recap-photo-contest.html?showComment=1247156973940#c8429406988799655419