Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They're FINALLY here!!!

I am so ExCiTeD about this new line. ShAbBy BaBy by sHaBbY aPpLe. The designer Katie is AmAzInG & her dresses are Oh So DaRLiNg!!! Thank you much for letting me carry them at my shop. If anyone is interested, I got them in today. If you want any of them you can leave me a comment with your email & I will get back to you. You can also call the shop in you have that number. The dresses are available from 0-6 month...up to 5T. EnJoY!!!

Watermelon Summer


Pink Panther

China Doll

Peach Cobbler

Queen of Hearts


Sunday, January 27, 2008


I finally got my GuMbAlLs done for V-day. I have been waiting on the new bags to come in, but I totally think they were worth the wait. I think that the bags make them look so much better! Just trying to keep things new & fresh at the store. I'll keep you updated on new things that we are getting in. Like the new Shabby Baby line from Shabby Apple hopefully coming NEXT week. So Dang Cute!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little Eskimo!

It has been SnOwInG so much lately here I have been joking around that the kids are going to turn into EsKiMoS! (I am sure that the people in Alaska would disagree!) So here are a few more SnOwY pics of my little Eskimo! Avi has had a cold & no snow suit so sorry no Girly Eskimo Baby today.

This snow is delicious!

Crap...I got snow in my eye!

"What mom, More pictures?"

Nope... No more pictures I guess.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A serious case of BeDhEaD!

I went to get Avi up from her nap & this is what I found. I had to run & get my camera because I just couldn't stop LaUgHiNg! Not only is her hair all over the place but since it is RED, it just seems to make it all the more funny!

I just can't help but love this face

& what can I say about the little grin!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You've had a Birthday shout...HoOrAy!! & he DID!

I can't believe that my baby is 3! How time FliEs! This has been a really fun week though. Our Bishop let Becks go into SuNbEaMs, since his B-day came so soon in the New Year. So, on Sunday they sang "The Birthday Song" to him. For any who don't know, or can't ReMeMbEr- The song says..."You've had a Birthday, shout HoOrAy" but in our ward the whole primary sings the first part & then OnLy the Birthday kids say-HoOrAy. Well let's just say that Beckham never stopped saying it. He probably said HoOrAy 10 times throughout the song. By the time he was done the entire room~Adults included were in a complete GigGle!!! & as you imagine he just aTe-It-uP! After Sunday the week just got more fun. He decided that he wanted to go to ChUcKiE cHeEsE for his special dinner. {isn't that every parents DrEaM?} We aren't having his actual party for another week so I will have more b-day pics to follow! Anyway... I love this kid too much & can't imagine what my LiFe would be like with out him nor do I ever want to have to find out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Once there was a SnOwMaN...

BeCkHaM had so much fun @ Grammy & Bakka's(that is obviously Grandpa to Becks, but it actually means StUpId in Japanese...& Quinn thinks that is hillarious!) house making this SnOwMaN with Aunt HeApHy! Daddy even went up to Grammy Donna's & got some real CoAl for all of the signature SnOwMaN features!

Beckham all BuNdLeD uP... " I'm ReAdY Mom!"

Let me introduce you to, brace yourself for the originality...
Mr. SnOwMaN!- My 3 yr. old is so ClEveR!

Hugging a SnOwMaN-This kid is the SwEeTeSt!

The CrEaToRs!

Nothin' like warming up with a BiG hOt ChOcOlAtE!!

Thanks Heaphy for a SuPeR fUn DaY!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What kind of FriEnD does that make me?

Alot of you are probably wondering what this count down is really all about. Today I got a call from my good friend Jessica. She told me that she had this really great weight loss plan & that it involved ME!?(my sister Heather is laughing her head off at this, seeing that she has been begging me to go to the gym with her for weeks...& I am not a real fit person at the present time!) Anyway-I tell her to go on--She proceeds to say that she needed a little help loosing those last 10 lbs. that she gained from little baby Sawyer & that I was the only friend that would be {mEaN} enough, not her words, enough to follow though with her cRaZy plan. The plan is as follows-She wants to loose 10 lbs. by March 1st. Here's the catch...If she doesn't I GET-TO or HAVE-TO, depending on if you are glass half full or half empty kind of a person, to post a picture of her in a bikini. She calls it a chubby picture. For some wierd reason she thinks this will be the best way to motivate herself. I think she's NuTs! But...Anything to help a friend! I love ya Jess!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2008 & I can already tell this is going to be a great year! The first matter of business was the resolutions. This year I decided that I was going to take the advise of Peter from the movie Office Space. I never really liked doing them, so I just wasn't going too! Other than that, New Year's Eve was totally fun. My family all came over to our house. We decided to do homemade Chinese instead of take out, the menu was extensive...as always, Kristin's amazing pork won tons, Jess' lettuce wraps(who needs PF Changs), Kristin's Beef & Broccoli, Ham Fried Rice & My on the spot Chicken Chow Mien. It was all so yummy...but needless to say we didn't eat 'til after 9. Hey, when you're staying up until Midnight--what's the rush! After the feast we relaxed with some competition. Games!!! Boys vs. Girls!! And YES...the girls dominated. New Year's Day was pretty chill. That night though, Quinn decided that we should do something just as our own family, in other words, too much in-law time! So, we took the kids on a little excursion to one of Becks favorite places~Dairy Keen in Heber. The kid is obsessed with trains! So here are a few pictures from that night. Enjoy...
Who can eat with all these trains?

What? You mean to tell me they have Lego's too!?

Yep, she is definitely mine...The food is all she cares about!

What do you mean "it's all gone?"

She is SOOOO Dramatic!