Friday, February 29, 2008

2 days, 2 doctors...1 amazing kid!

This week Becks had 2 doctor appointments. First just his 3 year well child check {i can't believe my baby is 3!}. Then the next morning he saw his cardiologist. Nothing like packin' it all in! Anyway, all I can say is that I have oNe AmAzInG kId!!! Not only was he so good, helpful, patient & funny!! He is growing like a weed & as healthy as any kid his age! I am so grateful for modern medicine & all that they can do now- cause I can't imagine my life without him!!! Here are a few pics from the week. He was such a big helper at Dr. J's. He helped the nurse put on all his "stickers" & then all the "guitar strings" as he calls the EKG wires. After they were all on he "played" himself as if he were a guitar. He totally cracked us all up.

{like i said-he's growin' like a weed!}

{just helpin' with those guitar strings}

{& the stickers}

{i love this picture!}

{Dr. J's tools are just so cool}

{it all sounds great...thump, thump, thump}

{we love Dr. J!}


Natalie said...

glad to hear he's doing well. these are some great photos, nice job.

Tiffany said...

Good work that is awesome!

Sha said...

Good job Becks! Brit, I love your mad photog skills.

6 P's in a Pod said...

Becks-So glad your heart is A-OK!
We love you so darn much!

ALI said...

We love Dr Judd too. She has EKGs on all my kids too.