Friday, January 30, 2009

digital scrapping 101...

i will be teaching another beginning scrapbooking class in March.
we will be teaching scrapbooking techniques using photoshop & photoshop elements.
the class is 4 weeks long.  classes run March 10rd-31th.  Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm (realistically we will go till 8:30)
classes are held in Provo.  the cost of the class is $60.00.  

the curriculum depends on the overall skill level of the class, determined by a questionnaire sent out before the class begins.  you can email me or leave a comment with any questions you might have.

**also if anyone is interested in an advanced scrapping class let me know.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

things to love...

i got my new camera.  & yes i am in love!  here is the first picture i took of avi.  she was so happy- she got an ice cream, went to Costco & got a smiley face, & got to wear her new fabulous beanie from her grammy.  all around it was a great day... & it's only 2 pm.  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

puddle jumper...

the rain is good for somethings!  Avi had a blast jumping in the puddles.  too bad it was still so cold outside!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


****update... SOLD****
not to turn my blog into the classifieds, but have posted a lot of pictures that i have taken here & had a lot of comments on them, so i thought i would give my blog friends first dibs before i listed it on KSL & ebay.

I am selling my camera-
Rebel XTi 10.1 megapixel with 18-55mm lens
battery & charger
all software & cords
as well as a cordless remote

it is in perfect condition. bought 13 months ago. email at me or comment with any questions.

Monday, January 19, 2009

a pirate's life for me...

{captain Beckham: age 4}

my sweet little pirate turned 4 this last week & at our house we LOVE a good party.  i am so lucky to have great friends & family to help me fulfill all of my crazy plans!  from rummaging through their Halloween decor to holding my hand while i picked out favors.  even lending me pewter goblets & plates to make the pirate theme complete.  i couldn't have pulled it off with out all of their help!  i have to say, it couldn't have turned out any better!

{one side of the spread}

{foggy brew}

{the full table...}
we served captains crunchy chicken (i used drumsticks instead of nuggets, for more of a pirate feel).  peg leg potatoes(potato wedges) & pirate's blood (ketchup).  fruit skewers & sand dip (brown sugar) & pirate's brew (homemade root beer) for the drink.

{thanks debbie lew for the fun glittered skull & bones}

{the pirate loot cupcakes}

{my homemade holders}

{the boxes...}
for beck's birthday treats for school, he wanted to take the cupcakes.  so i thought i would just put them in a box,  i used 4" square.  but then i had to figure out a way for them to not slide around.  so i  just cut some card stock the width of the box, & then added a quarter inch on each side & folded it over so it would stand up a little.  then i used a 2 1/2 inch circle punch for the cupcake to set in.  it worked like a dream & was super simple.  also then i could embellish the box to fit my theme.

{i tied them up with jute twine & then used the same tags as with the invites.  boy, those came in handy more than once!}

{i went a little banner crazy.  they are super easy & inexpensive so i made this "happy birthday" one & then a bunch of plain ones to hang all around.  instructions here.  i used 12x12 paper so the dimensions are different.  i marked them at 3" & 9" on one side, & 6" on the other.  it is actually a little easier.

{beckham wanted all of his guests to have a hat, sword & eye patch.  the kids loved them!}

{the treasure...}
we took the kids on a treasure hunt through the house.  my mom drew a map that i ripped up into 4 pieces.  the kids loved following the clues to find the treasure.}

{i filled the bags with chocolate coins, bead necklaces, unwrapped ring pops & skull stickers}

{we also played this fun game.  the winner got the his own telescope... just like on the box}

all in all, the party was a hit!  everyone should through a pirate party!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the invites...

i just finished delivering the invites & i really do love how they turned out!  Becks was so excited to give them to all his little friends.  he would hide them behind his back until they got to the door & then tell them what it was as if they couldn't see it with their own two eyes.  
i have included a template of the paper i made for the scroll.  you are more than welcome to use it for your pirate event.  i used a free font from here called freebooter.  i really liked the look of it with the theme.  i also added the dashed line throughout the text after i printed one, then copied them onto the aged parchment.  i followed by burning the edges of them before i rolled them up, tied them with red ribbon & placed them in the bottles i got here.  before i put the scroll in, i put a little sand & some mini shells that i got at the craft store.  i finished them off with a little skull tag that i made & a tag with each child's name that i also burned the edge of.  i tied them on with a little piece of twine.(i really had to tone it down, since i am all about glitter & tulle.  Definitely not very piratey!)

{the finished product}

{here's a closer look for ya}

{here is a printable sheet of the skull tags i made}

{i used the same font for the names as the scroll}

{here is the template for the scroll.  just download it to your computer, add your text & print}

{this is not our real address... so don't try to look us up:)}

{i just used a sharpie to add the dashed line.}

Monday, January 5, 2009

i am alive...

just so you know, i am not dead. 
 i just decided that during the holidays that i was going to take a vacation from everything!  ok, i had to still be a wife & mother, but today was my first day back a work since Christmas Eve day... if you know me at all that is a Christmas miracle all in it's self.  
Christmas was pretty low key at our house & i didn't even take many pictures- gasp!  i know, so not like me.  But i am back into the swing of party mode.  Planning Beck's 4th birthday, coming up in a couple of week, so i will be blogging a lot about pirates in the week to come (that's the theme).  
Even New Years was kind of a bust.  if you didn't know, or you couldn't figure out, i obsess about things... just a little bit.  ha ha.  my current obsession has to do with one of my Resolutions-  to be a better dog owner.  oh yeah, back to my obsession.  The Dog Whisperer.  are you laughing yet?  i seriously have like 20 episodes on my DVR right now.  anyway, it was a dog whisperer marathon on New Years & my hunny & my brother-in-law just wanted to play Rock Band, so i watched a lot of dog whisperer.  i know... capital L- loser!  
ok, enough blabbing for tonight-  i'll be back later to talk about the rest of my resolutions.  
Happy 2009.  may it find you just where you want to be!