Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look who's WALKIN' now!

As a late Christmas present Avi decided that she was sick & tired of "scooting" around. So, the day after Christmas she just stood up & went for it. She hasn't stopped walking since. Yeah Avi!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas was super fun this year! Here are just a few pics I put together to share with you! I hope you all had a Very Merry one as well!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jolly...Don't Ya Think?

Beckham was so excited to go to the mall & see Santa. Quinn had told him earlier in the day that we could go, so of course that's what we heard about ALL DAY! Just our luck as soon as we got there Santa was going on break for an hour. So we went on a little train ride that went around that went in very small circles & had a cheese on a stick...what more could you ask for-the North Pole in a Food Court! That's my idea of Christmas! I don't really think the picture does the moment justice. Beckham really was very excited. He hopped right up and told Santa just what he wanted--"A Backyardagains toy & A motorcycle!" Of course, what else. Oh, & sissy wants a doll. Cause she's a girl. Overall, it was a really fun time!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oops... I must have miSplAcEd your aDdreSs!!!

I always have a hard time getting my Christmas Cards out to everyone. I know that peoples addresses change & that you loose contact with people over time. So for all of those people & any others that didn't recieve one... here it is.

MeRrY ChRisTmAs!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Beater Buddies

This last week my sister-in-law & her little girl Oakley came over to play. The night before I found a cookie recipe that I had kind of forgotten about. The kids had a great time licking the beaters. Who needs a dishwasher! Anyway, they aren't very Christmasy I know, but I love them & thought that I would share!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Call of the Day!!!

At the shop we always get funny people calling. Whether it be questions or card messages, everyday there is a laugh. So this is the - "CALL OF THE DAY"!

This lady calls and proceeds to tell me that someone had sent her flowers on Monday from our shop. She goes on telling me where the people are from and what the arrangement was. Then she says "But now I am finding that some of the flowers are starting to turn brown." "If I bring them in will you replace them for me?". Almost laughing at this point, I ask her if the flowers were in a vase or arranged in foam. When she tells me that it was a foam arrangement I go on to say that the foam arrangement won't last quite as long if not watered. The caller then says, "Well I believe that the people who sent these to us planned on us enjoying them for a few weeks." By this point a am in shock that a grown adult truely believed that fresh cut flowers would last a few weeks. And anyone who knows me well is shocked that I haven't make any sacastic-slightly rude comments...I really had to bite my tongue!!!! I go on to politly tell her that next year if she wants to enjoy something through the entire month she should probably go with a plant. She ends the conversation with, "So, I shouldn't be disappointed?" To which I respond "Well, I guess you can be whatever you want. But the flowers will still die." People crack me up!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Avi's First Pony

Well, Avi finally has long enough hair to make her FIRST-EVER Ponytail! I worry, though, that she might be getting the infamous ponytail HEADACHES we girls all experience! Nobody ever said beauty wasn't painless, right?!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Playing dReSs uP @ Grammy's

My mom just developed a new roll of film.(that's right, I said "developed") And these were some of the pictures that I found. I swear! you never know what happens when you leave your kids with relatives! Once I got a picture mail when my sister was watching Avi, when she was a babe, & she was decked out in a Build-A-Bear cheerleader outfit. Anyway...Enjoy!

My Pretty Polka Dot Princess

Here are just a few pics from Avi's 1st Birthday party. If you couldn't tell, the theme was polka dots. I know that there are no pictures of her eatting her cake... that's because she didn't. Her Uncle Breck tried to put her hat back on after it fell off & I guess he hurt her feelings. She didn't stop crying until I took her out of her seat & she didn't even want her cake.

Hey what's cookin'

I thought that with all the holiday parties it would fun to do a yummy appetizer. Please try these!!!! They are not hard. They just look intimidating. ENJOY!!