Sunday, September 28, 2008

my crazy fun, SUPER busy, such a miracle weekend...

i'll start my story on friday morning. it was the homecoming dance at the 2 local high schools this weekend, & since i own a flower shop there was a lot of flower making going on. but my girl friends & i had planned a girls trip a little while ago, so i was working late the night before so that i could bail right at 5 to head to P.C. (sorry, no pics from the girls night.  i forgot my camera.  that what happens when i don't drive.  SO SAD!)

we had a total blast shopping, eating really great food & staying up way too late talking about EvEryThiNg.

we left P.C. to head up to our cabin at Sundance at about 11 pm. when we got there it was very dark & i couldn't find the keys. i set my bag down to go through it & eventually found them in the car. we got inside, hung out & talked until way too late. kristin couldn't spend the night, so she left at like 3 am to head home. we told her to text us to let us know that she got home safe.(she had to drive down the canyon, up 8th north, get on the freeway & then on the city streets to get home-- this is relevant. i promise) so we get a text at like 4 something telling us she got home ok, but when she got there & was walking around her car to go inside, she saw something black on her bumper of her car. it was my wallet!!! 

  i had set it down on her car when i was looking for the keys & it had stayed on her bumper the WHOLE way home.  as my friend Kes says "my life is in my wallet."  i really keep everything in it & would die with out it.  SuCh a mIrAclE!!!!

After i got home on saturday, i went grocery shopping to get the stuff for these rolls.
these darling friends of ours were blessing there beautiful twins & asked if i would bring the rolls.  darin LOVES my rolls.  that is an understatement!  i made 16 1/2 dozen & they were delicious.  as well as everything else that people brought including this salad... thanks Nakole!!!! 
before we went to the blessing we had the primary program in our ward.  i had made these missionary tags & put all the kids names on them.

these tags measure 3 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in.  to add text, use a photo editing program, i used photoshop.  also i dragged dozens onto a larger file & then added the names.

{the kids looked so sweet in these!!}
i cut them & they fit in the Avery brand pin on name tag holders.

{candy bar scriptures}

i also made these mini candy bar scriptures for our little missionaries to hand out.  they are really easy & really fun.  i'll do a how-to later in the week. 

overall, the weekend was just as the title states... GREAT!!!  hope you alls were just as good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


this is what becks & i did this morning.  my little sis heaphy gave this puzzle to becks for christmas last year & he really loves it!  it has really darling illustrations for fun opposite matches.  she picked it up at anthropology, but i'm you can also find it here.

... our fun little opposite puzzle...

... think, think, think...

... this is do dang funny...

... the opposite of sunny is???...

... oh yeah- cloudy...

... another one down...

... a lot more to go!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

some good friends, a birthday & YeS... more ice cream--

today is my sweet friend K*** little angels birthday.  so to celebrate we took all the kids to the park, picked up some Happy Meals (& subway for us) & just let the kids be kids.  after lunch & play, we decide to grab some iCe CrEaM to polish it all off.  i know... we eat a lot of ice cream!-- but look what cute pics you get!  Happy Birthday Kerbs.  we love u!!!!

{the birthday girlie}

{checkin out the park}

{her proud big sis}

{sweet little kate}

{becks, not willing to put down his cheeseburger}

{jacki & here beautiful blues}

{B & P... becks was a little more excited than Pres}

{picking out just the right flavor is serious business}

{the birthday girl enjoying her ice cream}

{too many pics!!!  no more!}

{avi picked PiNk... of course!}

{& becks just had to have sprinkles}

{& chocolate!}

{do not get too close to my ice cream}

{... back oFF...}

{oh wait, mine is pink...}

{so why do i have a chocolate mustache???}

{oh yeah~ i ate becks too}

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bubbles, bubbles eVeRwHerE & not a drop to drink...

if you do not know what movie that is from:  turn off the computer & go rent Willy Wonka.  the old school version.-- wow, that was classic me!!  off on a tangent that has nothing to do with anything!  
today we played bubbles & had yummy creamies.  if you do not yet know about these bubbles, you are totally missing out!

{gymboree... yeah like the clothes store, has the best bubbles on the planet!}

Avi only stuck the wrong end in her mouth twice.  i can't believe that she didn't learn after the first time!!!  they chased, stomped, blew & ran till they were both so exhausted they needed a rest... with ice cream- of course!

{becks started first}

{as fast as he could blow them...}

{avi was stomping them out!!}

{there were bubbles EvErYwHeRe!}

{but they just could not get enough!!!}

{the bubbles were a blast... & the creamies were delish!}

{at the end of the day, the result was...}

{2 vErY hApPy kids!}

Saturday, September 13, 2008

...been a little busy!!!...

this weekend my mom & i were super busy getting ready for this...

we baked almost 100 loaves of Amish Friendship Bread.  it is one of my families favorites & we thought that it would be a fun thing to share with others.  i knew that if i was buying it i would want it to be cute.  so i designed a little label & used one of my new favorite gadgets to finish it off.

i totally love this thing!!!  it makes projects a total breeze!!

this is my moms new oven & needless to say-- it was pretty dang busy!!!  it was so nice to be able to cook 20 loaves at one time!

all packed up & ready to go!

my favorite part... the labels.  the bread does taste good too!!!

9:00 am... we are open for business!!!

the whole thing was super fun!!!  & we were so excited when the comity asked us to come back next week.  come down & check it out.  it is a lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GNO... bowling birthday party!!!

last night we celebrated 2 of my cute friends b-days.  we had such a blast bowling & eating & talking.  thanks to katie for putting it all together.  & just for the record... i WON!!
{the birthday beauties}

{thanks kate, for the yummy cake & cute decor}

{super fun friends}

{sweet shoes!}

** we missed all of our other friends that could not make it!!!  Next time!