Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another 1 of my obsessions...almost a dream come true!

I was on one of my friends blog & found the CoOleSt thing! All my friends know that I am obsessed with FoNtS & am always looking for cute ones...& it's even better when they're free!!! Anyway, back to the point- at THIS awesome sight you can make your handwriting into a font...for FrEe!!! Don't fret! If you don't like your handwriting you can download ToNs of other cute ones for fReE. So much cute stuff for FrEe... what can I say- it's a great day. I have to say that I am not nearly as excite to do mine as I am my MoMs! She has the cutest script & it will be so nice to have it right at my FiNgErTipS! Thanks Andrea!


Haley said...

Thanks for the tip! I LOVE new fonts, especially when they are free! p.s. my mom wants to know if you have any cute outdoor wreaths at the store right now.

TheTandyFamily said...

Hey!!!!! I'm a loser. My wife totally likes your blog and I have been meaning to leave a comment on here but keep forgeting. So of course, you have to leave one on ours. Looks like you guys are doing awesome. I love the Fullmers. Please tell Quinn and Donna howdy for me. Hope you don't care but we added you to our friends.


Alan, Whitney and Lincoln Topham said...

I just downloaded so many awesome fonts. Thanks so much for the tip!How fun!

ALI said...

Im so glad its all Freeee. You are so funny. Where do you find the time. I need advice Im up hiding in my office from both of my kiddies.