Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a tRiCk... & lots of TrEaTs!!!

so i have been so dang busy in the kitchen these last couple of weeks.  & too be honest, there is no place i would rather be than in the kitchen!  i always joke with my mom that i was either born in the wrong decade or that i should have been latino.  i take complete pleasure in wearing an apron all day!  
i haven't ONLY be cooking.  we have had a couple of parties, some fun crafty projects & ok, ok, a lot of treats.  the kids have been so helpful with everything.  from wrapping caramels to cracking eggs. 
the fun little thing that we do every year is our hardware pumpkins.  they are so fun & easy!  & the kids love them because they can do them all by themselves & be totally creative!  here are a couple of examples of some that the kids made.  

i always get my hardware at the we home improvement thrift store.  if you live in utah county there is one in provo called ReStore.  also all the money from this store goes to habitat for humanity.  it's a win/win!!!

another little craft that i did was this wreath for my front door.  i just got a twig wreath, sprayed it black, added some spider webs & embellished it.  

as far as the YUMMIES go, i have had such a fun time this Halloween making fun treats for my friends, family & neighbors.  if you love to cook & bake you hopefully you will try these out.  here are some of my favorites! 

{oreo covered caramel dipped apple}

{mini mock caramel apples}
i found this idea HERE

{vintage printed sugar cookies}

{this could very well be my new favorite thing!}

{you can get the papers & instructions HERE}

{black licorice caramel dipped marshmallows}

{halloween caramels}... Recipe HERE

i just can't wait for Halloween!  i am super excited for my "special" trick or treat- treats.  not to mention my kids costumes.  stay tuned & HaPpY hAuNtInG!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm a total blog SLACKER!

i know that i have totally been sucking at blogging right now.  & sorry to say, but i am going to be blog slacking a little bit longer.  this week is totally crazy!  my in-laws just got home from serving an LDS mission in Nauvoo.  i am hosting recipe club tomorrow, have hair appointments for me & both the kids, witches night our, not to mention our annual Halloween party.  i promise i will be playing catch up soon!  

... oh yeah, i almost forgot.  i got a new church calling.  what you ask-- Primary Chorister.  i am super excited.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

quirky confessions...

my sweet Blog BFF Brooke tagged me to confess my quirky habits to the whole on-line world.  it's not looking nearly as funny now that it's my turn to look a little cRaZy.?. the rules are as follows...  list 6 quirky habits that you have.  tag 6 quirky friends & link the person who tagged you.   well, here it goes.

**1:  i have to eat a Cafe Rio salad in a completely straight line.  especially if i don't finish it, i have to have it in a totally straight line!

**2:  i can't finish a story before jumping to another one.  i do almost always go back to finish it later, but my friends will tell you that they usually have to guide me back!  can anyone say A.D.D???

**3:  i eat anything but breakfast food for breakfast... pizza, spaghetti, you name it- as long as it's not breakfast food!

**4:  after i wash my hands i have to smell them to make sure they are clean.

**5:  every year i put my Christmas tree up the day after halloween.  if it was up to me i would keep it up all year.

& last but not least...
**6:  if i am at my own house i can only drink out of a certain glass.  it is a vintage coke glass that my sister got me at a thrift shop.  i don't know what it is, but everything just tastes better out of that glass!!!

so there you go, i am officially a complete wierdo.  as if you all didn't know that all ready.  to make it more fun, if there are any quirks that i have forgotten that you KNOW i have, leave me a comment & remind me! 
i'm tagging Brit P., Natalie B., Tiff, Kaerlig, Stacia, Whitney T., Nikki & anyone else who is just dying to tell all!  happy confessions.

Friday, October 10, 2008

milling around with the witches...

this time of year we love to head up to Gardner's Village to "mill around with the witches".  we love seeing the decorations, eating at the neighborhood bakery & visiting the fun shops.  if you haven't gone up yet, you definitely should! 
{what a cheese ball!}

{just hangin' out... together}

{this pumpkin is just SO HEAVY!}

{seriously-- what is with these silly faces?}

{i wanna be like her!}

{i'll start trying now!}

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cavity FREE...

today we went to the dentist.  because of beckham's heart defect, it makes even a teeth cleaning a huge ordeal.  we have to take antibiotics 24 hours before going because of bacteria & to be honest the whole thing just makes me nervous.  so needless to say i have totally been putting it off.  But, today was the day & he did great!  Avi went too.  she was a little less cooperative there for NO pics of her today.  maybe next time.  "Doc" was so great with them & "C" was super terrific too.  she took the time to show him every single thing she would be doing.  thanks to everyone... my kids won't be afraid of the dentist!!!

{cool new toothbrush}

{great polishing}

{he picked bubble gum fluoride}

{"Doc" counting teeth- 20, wow!}

{1 very sparkly smile}

Sunday, October 5, 2008

happy birthday to my vErY aMaZiNg MoThEr...

{me, avi, grammy B. & my mom}

today was the birthday of probably the most amazing person that i know!  my MOM.  not only is she an amazing mother, she is seriously an amazing person!!!  a lot of you ask me or comment as to how i get so much done.?.  i get that part of my personality from her.  she also helps me a lot in so many projects.  
my mom worked full time while we were growing up, yet still made the time to make every costume i ever wore, every outfit that my dolls & barbies wore... yes i said barbies.  
she came to all of my dance concerts, helped me with all my homework, taught me how to cook, sew, bottle peaches & tomato juice, make jam, do flowers... the list goes on & on & on.  
she is such a fun involved grammy to my kids as well & i don't think they would be able to live without her either.  she gave me the tools that i use to be the best mother that i can be & i hope that one day i will be able to pass on all that she has given me to my kids.  thank you mom, for being THE most AMAZING person i know.  i am so blessed to call you my mother!

Friday, October 3, 2008

what ya gonna have for conference breakfast?...

why not try Dani's Sourdough Pancakes!  i just posted them here on my recipe blog.  the are beck's very favorite!!!  especially with the syrup.  i will also be posting other family breakfast favorites later today & tomorrow so you are sure to find one you'll like!  EAT UP-