Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruby's Mood...

changes like utah weather:)  i have know ruby's family since her mom was like 10.  we bought her great grandpa's house & her darling grandma, in some of these shots, is my amazing neighbor!  i had the privilege of taking her newborn pictures & she is just becoming more & more darling! 









Monday, June 8, 2009

meet Lola...

here is the newest member of our family.  when we got charlie, about a year and a half ago, we was such a great puppy & he has grown into a great dog!  so, when his breeders called me & said that they had another litter, i couldn't resist.  we picked up lola last weekend & she is fitting into the family like a charm.  the kids can't get enough of her & charlie is just the perfect big brother... a super protective but really playful too!  

{even after playing in the dirt everyone wants to hold her}

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

roller derby Avi & the bug atrium...

first let me start by saying, i am not dead... just super busy & a little overwhelmed.  i won't go into that right now, but i will give you a funny glimpse into the past couple of days at our house.
yesterday i was doing some painting ::: more on that to come ::: when i looked over and saw becks helping avi get decked out in his roller skating gear.  when i asked her what they were doing he simply looked at me & calmly explained that he was going to hook a rope on to the back of his power wheel john deer tractor & then avi was going to hold onto it & he was going to pull her:)  when i calmly told him that was a very terrible idea, he smiled & said..." maybe when she's 45."  i chuckled & said, "maybe:)"  after i foiled that plan, avi wasn't ready to give up.  she sported that look for a good hour.  even after becks moved on to his potato bug atrium.  as soon as i had gotten them to bed, i went right outside &  released his captives from there 'honey i blew up the garden' home & finished my painting... which my mother-in-law won't comment on.  i'm pretty sure that no news is bad news on this one.  i'll put it up for vote later in the week. 

{securing the safety devices}

{admiring how great she looks sporting super hero garb}

{she caught me with the camera & couldn't help but make the prettiest face}

{beckham collecting his captors}

{all in an hour with my kids:)}