Thursday, March 20, 2008

ThE hUnT!!!

Yesterday was our annual friend EasTeR eGg HunT. My friend Kes puts it together each year & boy are we grateful!!! The kids have so much fun PlaYinG & eAtiNg & hUntiNg! It's crazy how time flies though. Last year Avi was so little, strapped to me in a Bjorn. This year she was running wild with Becks...needless to say, it was easier last year! Anyway we had a ton of fun & if you can't tell by the chocolate running down Becks face- there was NO lack of sugar! Thanks again Kes!

{Before we can hunt...}

{the grown~ups have to hide the eggs...}

{so we play on the playground.}

{we get our egg holder...}

{a.k.a easter baskets}

{some find 1...}

{some will get many...}

{some grab them fast...}

{others are more careful with there selections...}

{some will even pause for a little snapshot...}

{& even when it seems all have been found, a stowaway!}

{now for the best part...}

{the treasure inside...}

{"show & tell"}

{a special SpiderMan Egg...awesome!}

{Easter Egg hunts are so much fun!}

{& the candy is soooo yummy!}

{i think there's something on my face...}

{with all these eggs we'll have candy for a week!}


Tara said...

Gosh those kiddies are CUTE! and so big! It seems like yesterday you were in the store telling us your fun baby names-which baby? You choose-I remember both! You're pics are looking good. Did you like that class you took?

Jack Attack said...

so cute! it was so good to see you. thanks for all your help. I'll be calling you soon for another tutorial :)

Tiffany said...

Brit those pics are so cute and so are your adorable Kids!!! I love easter but kinda glad it's over I feel like we need a little break from the holidays for a sec!

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

Hey girl, just wanted to say hi! How are you guys? I havn't seen you forever. Ever since I moved out of Utah county I never see anyone anymore, it's kind of sad. That's why I love blogging so much cause you can keep in touch with tons of friends! Your family is so cute! Looks like you had a fun Easter!

Kiera said...

Hi. I don't know exactly how I found your blog...a friend of a friend of a friend...but I went to elementary school with your husband. Funny huh? I have memories of him in Kindergarten and the most vivid is that I was always so impressed with how fast he ran. (His secret was that he ran with his hands open, to cut through the wind better, instead of clenching his hands into fists.) It's so strange what memories stick with you. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and also, you take fantastic pictures!

6 P's in a Pod said...

I'll come help you eat all that candy cuz seriously, who else will?

Victoria said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the Tell Him song on your blog- it is one of my favorites.