Sunday, August 31, 2008

no stage fright here...

today beckham gave his first talk in primary & he was SO eXciTeD!!!!  the subject was the Holy Ghost.  So we thought that since the Holy Ghost is a gift, it might be fun to take it literally-- hence the present.
{the gift ...}

{of the Holy Ghost}

The talk went something like this...

When we turn 8 & get baptized, Heavenly Father gives us a very special gift.  The gift of the Holy Ghost.  Inside are a few things to help us remember this gift.
 a HEART: to remind us that the Holy Ghost does not always speak, but sometimes gives us a warm feeling in our HEART.

a Book of Mormon: to remind us that the Holy Ghost ALWAYS speaks the truth.

a Mouth: to remind us that the Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice.

a Candle: to remind us that the Holy Ghost will light the righteous path.

a Book: to remind us that the Holy Ghost is a teacher.

an Ear: to remind us to always listen to the Holy Ghost.

a Blanket: to remind us that the Holy Ghost was sent to comfort us.

I hope that when I turn 8 I can be baptized & receive this special gift from Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...the computer blues!!...

i am suffering from a terrible case of the computer blues!!!  when i was in Powell, something happened to my computer.  the keys are all messed up-- when i push some keys other appear as well.  other keys do not work at all (like my apostrophe key).  no hyphenated words here.  i have to go back & delete the extra letter.  needless to say it is a total PAIN & very time consuming.  let me give you an idea of what i am dealing with.  

beckhamxz ^& avenlie are youyr typical mxzyschivouys kids.  always mxzaking mxzesses !@&* being suyper craxzy.  

did you catch that?!?  long story short-- took my computer in, Mac says that the damage is not covered & it would cost more to fix than just getting a new computer.  i told you it sucked.  the good news~ my husband is the bomb & insures all of my little electronic habits.  hopefully i will be getting my new computer next week.  Thanks baby for being so responsible!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

...back to School...

so, this was becks first week at his new preschool.  was super excited!!!  the morning that  we went to meet the teacher day, we were in the car on our way when beckham says to me-- mom, just drop me off.  don't come in.  i sat there for a minute & then said... no bud, i am going to come in.  then he quickly replied-- fine, but don't bring your camera!  i looked at him & said... I'm coming in & I'm bringing my camera!
meet the teacher day went great & he was super excited for his first day of school.  & as if our 1st conversation wasn't painful enough as a mother it got worse!!!  this time we were in the kitchen getting breakfast before we left that morning, when he touched my leg & looked at me with the sweetest eyes & says-- hey mom, PROMISE me something?!?  don't come in today, just drop me off.  & my response again... I'm COMING IN!!!!!  i thought he wouldn't be this way till at least Jr. high!  as promised i did take my camera & he did let me take a few pics.

{becks & mrs. S****}

{B & P working on puzzles}

{i pick... this one}

{look mom, I'm a smartie}

{once he found the toys he was right at home}

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lake Powell 2008...

we got home very late last night from Quinn's families annual Lake Powell trip.  we had so much fun & were sad to have to get back to ReAl LiFe!!!!  here are just a few of the highlights...

{becks & his cousin addison getting right into the water}

{as soon as we got settled- we got right onto the death tube}

{not much DeAtH going on here!}

{but still lots of FUN!}

{a little faster for these 2}

{becks & daddy loved going on the slide}

{becks & chi-chi were inseparable}

{the sunsets were BeAuTiFuL}

{avi loved the jet ski rides with daddy}

{we all got to see lots of avi's new smile}

{& hear tons of giggling with cousins}

{especially when daddy did SiLLy things like this!}

{tons of bright eyed smiles}

{becks, jaxson & wyatt on there way to Rainbow Bridge}

{everyone still smiling, even after a really long boat ride to get there}

{it was beautiful & totally worth it!}

{aunt markae was becks buddy}

{i never get sick of this smile!!!!}

{becks & jaxson still cheesing it!}

{and again... still not sick of it!}

{these 2 make each other laugh constantly}

{addie was a pro water skier}

{heather in the background cheering for jax- as he gets up on his very first try}

{there were falls...}

{but plenty of grins}

{a lot of showing off...}

{we had to take advantage of the skills & the sky-- Kaitlyn you're amazing!}

{while i still had the camera out from kaity, i caught the boys checking out a helicopter that was flying over... & i love this shot!}

{by the last morning the skies were not so clear}

{even thought it wasn't clear skied, it wouldn't be a true Lake Powell trip without a Lake Powell storm.}

Thanks Grandpa Mark for an amazing trip & more great family memories.  It was WoNdErFuL!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nauvoo- Busy! But so, so great...

Like i said before, it was a trip... not a vacation! But it was so amazing & i wish we could have only stayed longer!!!! What an amazing place with so much history. i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see so many thing what form the history of me & my family. i feel like a stronger & even happier person because of the things we were able to see & do there. i might have exaggerated just a little about the amount of pictures. Even thought it wasn't a trillion, there were still way too many to post. these are just a few of my favorites. i will try to narrate the best i can.
{i love the A&B in this picture!!!  it was on the shuttle stop window & i couldn't help but capture it!}

{we didn't arrive in Nauvoo until later in the evening on the first night, so the next morning we started bright & early at the Blacksmith's}

{watching the demonstrations...}

{avi getting a little bored}

{making a horseshoe}

{just like they would have in pioneer times}

{outside the Blacksmith they had a few pastures... the kids of course loved the horses!}

{later that night we went to the pageant.  it was so spectacular & moving!}

{the next day we took the kids to "pioneer past times"...}

{they of course had a total blast.  playing & imagining...}

{just pretending to be pioneer children}

{they weren't the same toys that we play with now, but they we so fun!}

{becks cutie cousin Peyton.  the sweetest little pioneer you've ever seen!}

{later we went to the temple to take pictures.}

{after the temple we went to Carthage Jail...}

{it was such a humbling experience & one i will never forget!!!}

{we visited the grave sites.}

{& the homes.  i love this picture of Jaxson & i imagine that this is how everyone felt as the waited, no matter how long, to see the prophet.}

{later that evening we went back to the pre-pageant festivities.}

{beckham & peyton just wanted to dance... all night!!!}

{after we went to Annie's & got frozen custard... yep, she is definitely mine!}

{we got home to find this nasty creature on our house.  it makes you realize why the pioneers wore so many layers to keep these guys out!}

{it was because of this special lady... Quinn's mom, that this was all made possible.  thank you so much Donna, for a wonderful trip to such a special place.}

{we will never forget it!!!!!!}