Friday, January 8, 2010

come in from the cold...

& brush up on your computer skills! i have had quite a few people asking me if i was going to be teaching classes again anytime soon. so, i will be:) i'm going to be teaching 3 classes in february.

1:: beginning-intermediate scraping class~ tuesdays 6:30-8.
1:: advanced scraping class~ thursdays 6:30-8.
& 1:: photo editing class~ thursdays 8-9:30.

all classes will run for 4 weeks & cost $60.00. if you have any questions, or for more info email me

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a little tubing fun...

during the break the kids were really excited about all of the snow, so quinn ran down to the tire shop & picked up some good old fashioned inner tubes! they are so great! who needs fancy sleds! becks was super timid at first, not wanting to go down by himself, but as soon as he did once he was unstoppable! avi had a blast until she crashed face first:( i was just glad i had already gotten some good shots before that. here are a couple of my favorites.

{just chillin' in the white stuff}

{if your legs get tired... just crawl}

{eating snow gives you nice, shiny lips}

{after a long afternoon of sledding, tubes make great cushions:)}