Monday, March 31, 2008


I always have to share if something happens at work that I think is here it goes.
Today I got a call from a lady that ordered some flowers on behalf of her boss & for some reason she is unable to find the receipt. I know this doesn't sound weird yet-just wait. So I start to ask her some basic information: her name, who the order was going to & the date of delivery. This is when it gets good. So she tells me her name, the recipients name & then tells me that it was for delivery January 15th...2007. I stopped for a minute to make sure I heard her right & that she did in fact say 2007. She then confirmed that was in fact correct. I then proceeded that we don't keep our records for orders for more than a year & that I was so sorry that I wouldn't be able to help her. I just had to laugh because I have people call me to fax receipts all the time & it's no problem, but 15 months is a little bit of a stretch!

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