Friday, October 9, 2009

funny kids!

i always forget to write down all the funnies that my kids come up with these days.  so i'm putting them here:)

avi-  the other day we walked outside to get in the car & it was early & cold.  the car was covered in frost.  "what happened to our car?" avi asked.  i told her it was frost.  she replied "our car is covered in FROSTING?!?"  "not frosting sweetie:), frost... don't lick it!!"

becks- the other day we were out with some friends, & he was telling them that he had been on TV.  my friend, amy, responded by telling him that she was on TV every night.  he argued with her~
"no you're not,"  he said
"yeah, i am.  i do the weather." amy replied
"no Amy... Jesus does the weather."  beckham retorted completely matter of fact.  
it was hilarious!