Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Beautiful Farewell to an Amazing Man & an Amazing Life...

{1910 - 2008}

As I choked down my tears & laughed with many that watched & listened to an Amazing Tribute the our Beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley, I write with mixed emotion...God be with you till we meet agian.


Vickie said...

Wonderful job Brit. He is and will always be my hero and to have additional tributes on blogs just adds to the love we feel for him. Your site is awesome and I love returning to it.

Love you all, so very, very much. Stop by my little site and see some pictures of Harley - - - when you have time.



Kass Martin said...

Hey there, I blog hopped my way to your blog and it's so cute. Your kids are getting so big. I haven't run into you for a while and they get cuter and cuter. I need to stop by your store and pick up some goodies. You have great stuff.