Monday, December 3, 2007

Playing dReSs uP @ Grammy's

My mom just developed a new roll of film.(that's right, I said "developed") And these were some of the pictures that I found. I swear! you never know what happens when you leave your kids with relatives! Once I got a picture mail when my sister was watching Avi, when she was a babe, & she was decked out in a Build-A-Bear cheerleader outfit. Anyway...Enjoy!


The Mac's said...

Hey Britt...Tell Kes thanks for the compliment,Avi is beautiful we will be happy to look like her!:) I love the dress ups....Grandmas are the best!

sillyhaywardfamily said...

brit those dress up are awesome, especially beckams huge tie!

Cook Family said...

Got to love the lederhosen - what a crack-up! We definitely love Grandmas, Aunts and Uncles and their willingness to do crazy stuff with our kids.