Monday, December 3, 2007

My Pretty Polka Dot Princess

Here are just a few pics from Avi's 1st Birthday party. If you couldn't tell, the theme was polka dots. I know that there are no pictures of her eatting her cake... that's because she didn't. Her Uncle Breck tried to put her hat back on after it fell off & I guess he hurt her feelings. She didn't stop crying until I took her out of her seat & she didn't even want her cake.


Sha said...

Okay, so it's safe for us to add you to our "amigos" list. Juan was worried it would be presumptuous to add you without your permission... he tends to worry about things like this. (You know how he is.) ;^)

Anyway, Avi's cake looks polka-licious! So cute! She's definitely Beck's little sister.

The Mac's said...

Love Love Love the cute cake! What a cute theme to. I love doing themed birthday cakes. My favorite one so far was probably Ethan's pirate cake, I will have to show you picts

Cook Family said...

How cute - it looks like her birthday party was lots of fun and she was just adorable. I'm so impressed with all the effort you put in for the cake - that's amazing!