Friday, December 14, 2007

Oops... I must have miSplAcEd your aDdreSs!!!

I always have a hard time getting my Christmas Cards out to everyone. I know that peoples addresses change & that you loose contact with people over time. So for all of those people & any others that didn't recieve one... here it is.

MeRrY ChRisTmAs!!!!


The Mac's said...

Hey Britt, it's Summer. I just found out that was recipe night. I have already changed on the jean lady 3 times because of a family party, then ward party, the enrichment. I would feel bad if I did it again. I am so sad that I am missing Recipe Club, it's the best one of the year. Tell everyone Hi for me and make me a food assignment for next month...Thanks and have a Merry Christmas (if I don't see you before then:))

Jack Attack said...

so cute! I go mine yesterday. you'll have to show me how to make such cute layouts. and who took you photos? and where? Vegas lackes in that department.

do you have Angeleah's address? and email? if you do, email it to me please. thx

Tara said...

What a cute family you have! Good idea on posting the card-I was planning on posting mine later for all to see! Did you do it with digital scrapbooking? way cute!

Brosia & Eric Greer said...


Eric greer here! how are ya? we joined the blogging world so i wanted to say hi and add you as a friend! hope all is well and you will be getting a christmas card soon! we nee d to catch up.
here is my home:
enjoy! yours is very cute. you will need to teach me cuz ambrosia does it all.
luv ya!

Cook Family said...

What a cute card - I'm so impressed! Did you make it yourself?

sillyhaywardfamily said...

I know you have my address, so what's your excuse now? It is a way cute card, even though I did not get one !!!

sillyhaywardfamily said...

O K I have to applogize, after tpying that last comment I went and got the mail, and low and behold what did I find? Your darling christmas card! Sorry!!!