Friday, December 7, 2007

Call of the Day!!!

At the shop we always get funny people calling. Whether it be questions or card messages, everyday there is a laugh. So this is the - "CALL OF THE DAY"!

This lady calls and proceeds to tell me that someone had sent her flowers on Monday from our shop. She goes on telling me where the people are from and what the arrangement was. Then she says "But now I am finding that some of the flowers are starting to turn brown." "If I bring them in will you replace them for me?". Almost laughing at this point, I ask her if the flowers were in a vase or arranged in foam. When she tells me that it was a foam arrangement I go on to say that the foam arrangement won't last quite as long if not watered. The caller then says, "Well I believe that the people who sent these to us planned on us enjoying them for a few weeks." By this point a am in shock that a grown adult truely believed that fresh cut flowers would last a few weeks. And anyone who knows me well is shocked that I haven't make any sacastic-slightly rude comments...I really had to bite my tongue!!!! I go on to politly tell her that next year if she wants to enjoy something through the entire month she should probably go with a plant. She ends the conversation with, "So, I shouldn't be disappointed?" To which I respond "Well, I guess you can be whatever you want. But the flowers will still die." People crack me up!


Sha said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Good times... I really miss those crazy people. One of the best parts about working at Bloomers was that instead of getting all "customer-is-always-right-y" when obvious freakos who wanted something for nothing called, you didn't let them get away with it. You let us tell them, politely of course, that they were crazy! It was extremely therapeutic.

Jack Attack said...

thanks, brit. you brightened my day. who knew working in a floral shop could be so much fun. I'll be in town for 10 days so let's get together for sure!

The Owens' Crew said...

Hey Brit.
This is Ashley, Whitters friend. I just found your blog through hers. So cute! You little stinkers are ADORABLE. I can't wait til we have some. Good to see what you're up to. Have a Happy Holiday.

Love, Ash

Brooke said...

That's so funny! People are so idiotic sometimes! :)