Tuesday, November 3, 2009

finally posting:) start current... play catch-up later~

our halloween was super fun this year! my kids & my sisters kids did the whole peter pan thing. which i found was a very popular theme this year. dempsey & sawyer, my sisters boys, were captain hook & the tick-tock crock:) while my kids played peter & tink. everyone had a blast, except that the cotton candy machine stopped working just 30 trick or treaters in:( i am happy to finally get some sleep! between sewing, cooking & staying up too late just trying to catch up DVR, paired with starting a new business(more to come on that) & working part-time at the Gap... i can sleep when i'm dead... right:) here is a picture overload of the kids in there costumes. i think it all turned out pretty darling... if i do say so myself!
















Christine and Brennan Platt said...

So adorable! can't wait to hear about your next biz adventure.

Angeleah said...

It stinks when other peoples kids are so dang cute it makes you question the cuteness of your own...ha ha! Love the costumes and the photography.

Ashley said...

I am sorry you are so talented! Your kids looked amazing! Can't wait to hear about the new business adventure. Cheers to more sleep!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Super duper cute costumes and cute pictures of course! Your kids are so adorable! Did you make thier costumes? If so GREAT JOB!!! Sounds like you are one busy girl these days, well always I guess. Did you get my message about doing my family pictures on Nov 21'st? Wondering what you charge and if you are available? call me 951-836-5987

Tanner + his girls said...

oh my gosh im hyperventilating iv never seen cuter costumes! thank you for throwing the smashing part we had so much fun your the best!!

Debbie said...

B R I T N E E!!!!!
You are un-believable girlfriend!!! Yes...your party was unbelievable...{thank you for inviting us!! Only wish we could have stayed longer!} ...your jams are unbelievable {we want to eat them everyday!!}...& i never got to see your kids costumes until now W O W! I love them!!!!!!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 P's in a Pod said...

I wish I had your amazing camera. And the desire to try and figure out how to make it work as well as you. Oh well...if wishes were fishes...