Friday, October 9, 2009

funny kids!

i always forget to write down all the funnies that my kids come up with these days.  so i'm putting them here:)

avi-  the other day we walked outside to get in the car & it was early & cold.  the car was covered in frost.  "what happened to our car?" avi asked.  i told her it was frost.  she replied "our car is covered in FROSTING?!?"  "not frosting sweetie:), frost... don't lick it!!"

becks- the other day we were out with some friends, & he was telling them that he had been on TV.  my friend, amy, responded by telling him that she was on TV every night.  he argued with her~
"no you're not,"  he said
"yeah, i am.  i do the weather." amy replied
"no Amy... Jesus does the weather."  beckham retorted completely matter of fact.  
it was hilarious!


Kaerlig said...

I'm glad you wrote those down. Cute.

Christine and Brennan Platt said...

love the quotes and beckham standing up for what he knows to be right. :) p.s. have you seen our win a trip to tahiti video yet? Here is the link. We need votes. It has been my next little project. Can't wait to find out what your up to.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

My family will be up in Utah on the 21'st of Nov in Holiday for my husband's grandpa's birthday. My mother in law wants to have a photographer come and take some family shots for about an hour or two. I thought of you and wanted to know if you were available that day and if so how much you charge??? Please contact me asap so I can try to find somebody else if you can't do it. Thanks :) #951-836-5987