Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lollipop invites how-to...

here are the promised pics of the avi's invite. i love the way that they turned out. they weren't hard, but they are a little bit timely.
**try to glue yours together a little straighter than i did this first one:)

{the finished product... unwrapped}

{a closer look at my crooked edge:)}

blank birthday candy invite
{here is the template i made for the actual info part}
i made it to have the colors to match my papers...
this one is made to be the size i made mine. but you could always shrink it down.
you just want to make sure that this one is about 1-1 1/2" smaller than your patterned paper.

{i used this circle cutter by making memories, i got it at Michael's craft}

{just cut a front & back sheet for you lollipop. i made mine with 9" Styrofoam, which i got at the cso
i cut my sheets as wide as the cutter would allow}

{i glued 1 1/2" satin ribbon around the edge of each disc... after i glued the
dowel in}

{cut 1 1/2" strips to acordian fold for around the outer edge of you lollipop}
you will probably need 3-4 strips depending on what size you make &
how tight you fold them.

{after you have folded all of your strips, glue them together in a long line, then
glue the ends together to make a circle}

{hot glue around the edge of your styrafoam, them stretch your acordian paper
& hold it down until the glue is set}

{make one small accordian paper to glue in between the patterned & word

{glue them all together, again paying attention to the space on all sides}

{this is what it should look like from the side}

{glue another piece of patterned paper onto the back, i went with a circular stripe
on this side instead of the horizontal stripe on the other side}

{wrap each one up i clear cellophane & tie with ribbon of you choice}

{making it look as close to a real lollipop wrapper as you can}

{& tada! one lollipop invite... or you could omit the word part & use then as decor}

the party is on saturday... gotta get cookin'


Lyndsie said...

brit! that is adorable! i just may copy this one for future birthdays!! love it! have fun & good luck you crazy busy lady!! :)

Valerie said...

wow! what a delicious idea! i am filing your cute idea away at

thanks for sharing!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love LOVE, love that you share your ideas with us. You are the coolest mom EVER!!!

Christine and Brennan Platt said...

very cute!

Lindsay said...

Those are sooo cute! You are so creative! I LOVE THEM

michelle said...

I just saw these on another blog and thought they were so cute, then I click on your blog and realize they were your creation. You are too creative! and so nice to share with all of us.

(Josh Tandy's wife)

sillyhaywardfamily said...

seriously you are my hero!!!!

Sha said...


Can I copy, like, EVERY idea you EVER have?!

Tania said...

My youngest daughter is a candy-a-holic! I am definitely going to copy this for her next birthday party. Thanks for sharing. Very, very cute!

Tania said...

Could you tell me where you got the great striped & circular striped papers? I live in NY - so I'd probably have to order online....