Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fairy tale friends...

this week avi had 2 friends celebrate birthdays, both having cute princess parties.  unfortunately i was only able to stay at one of the parties & get pics, but they were all such cute princesses!  becks was such a great sport to tag along (even though i wouldn't let him dress up like a cowboy or a pirate~ in fear of scaring all the princesses)  jackie was so darling, thanking everyone over & over for coming to her party.  kelle dressing up as Cinderella just put the icing on the cake... forgive the pun:)  all the kids at with the party & just at the farm wanted to come say hello to "cinderella".  watch out disneyland theme park employee!  i am so glad that avi has such fun friends with sweet, patient parents:)  happy, happy birthday jackie & bella!















Christine and Brennan Platt said...

So adorable! How I wish I were 3 again and could wear such pretty things.

Lindsay said...

SUCH CUTE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! Looks so magical :) How are you?

Whitney said...

What a cute party full of cute little princesses!