Monday, October 13, 2008

quirky confessions...

my sweet Blog BFF Brooke tagged me to confess my quirky habits to the whole on-line world.  it's not looking nearly as funny now that it's my turn to look a little cRaZy.?. the rules are as follows...  list 6 quirky habits that you have.  tag 6 quirky friends & link the person who tagged you.   well, here it goes.

**1:  i have to eat a Cafe Rio salad in a completely straight line.  especially if i don't finish it, i have to have it in a totally straight line!

**2:  i can't finish a story before jumping to another one.  i do almost always go back to finish it later, but my friends will tell you that they usually have to guide me back!  can anyone say A.D.D???

**3:  i eat anything but breakfast food for breakfast... pizza, spaghetti, you name it- as long as it's not breakfast food!

**4:  after i wash my hands i have to smell them to make sure they are clean.

**5:  every year i put my Christmas tree up the day after halloween.  if it was up to me i would keep it up all year.

& last but not least...
**6:  if i am at my own house i can only drink out of a certain glass.  it is a vintage coke glass that my sister got me at a thrift shop.  i don't know what it is, but everything just tastes better out of that glass!!!

so there you go, i am officially a complete wierdo.  as if you all didn't know that all ready.  to make it more fun, if there are any quirks that i have forgotten that you KNOW i have, leave me a comment & remind me! 
i'm tagging Brit P., Natalie B., Tiff, Kaerlig, Stacia, Whitney T., Nikki & anyone else who is just dying to tell all!  happy confessions.


Kaerlig said...

Wow Brit, I don't know if I want to confess to the world all my quirkiness. One of my girlfriend already told me that reading my blog is like reading my journal and it's too personal. I'll let you in on a couple quirks:

I usually tell jokes starting out with "This is so funny" and proceed to tell a joke that no one thinks is funny.

I sometimes (often) have to clean my house after I get home from work before I can greet, hug, or be nice to my family. (I'm working on this bad habit)

I have freezing cold feet and can't sleep unless they are warm so I heat up a bag of corn in the microwave every night for bed.

My brain can't handle spontaneity and I need advance warning on change of plans so my brain can assimilate it and accept it.

Thats enough

Kipn n' Sarah said...

You totally crack me up so big time!!! You are so serious and yes I have quite a few strange things I do as well! YOu are so funny! I love the cup one the best I think?

Jen said...

WEIRDO!! Ha ha ha! Love it. I'm the same way, after I wash my hands I always have to smell them!

Tara said...

Brit I think you are so hilarious. I miss your tangent of a tangent stories. Ahhhh good times, good times.

Tiff said...

Oh thank you thank you I loved that! I think we are all way to quirky - but isn't that what makes us - US!

Jack Attack said...

i love that you put your christmas tree up the day after halloween. I'd love to but Aaron won't let me until thanksgiving. so does that mean you have a fake tree?

Kass Martin said...

You're funny. I love that you don't eat breakfast for breakfast. I am more the opposite. If it isn't sweet, I'd almost rather go the day not eating until I get something sweet for breakfast and I could eat breakfast food for every meal and often do. I love the Gardner's Village pictures, really cute.