Sunday, August 31, 2008

no stage fright here...

today beckham gave his first talk in primary & he was SO eXciTeD!!!!  the subject was the Holy Ghost.  So we thought that since the Holy Ghost is a gift, it might be fun to take it literally-- hence the present.
{the gift ...}

{of the Holy Ghost}

The talk went something like this...

When we turn 8 & get baptized, Heavenly Father gives us a very special gift.  The gift of the Holy Ghost.  Inside are a few things to help us remember this gift.
 a HEART: to remind us that the Holy Ghost does not always speak, but sometimes gives us a warm feeling in our HEART.

a Book of Mormon: to remind us that the Holy Ghost ALWAYS speaks the truth.

a Mouth: to remind us that the Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice.

a Candle: to remind us that the Holy Ghost will light the righteous path.

a Book: to remind us that the Holy Ghost is a teacher.

an Ear: to remind us to always listen to the Holy Ghost.

a Blanket: to remind us that the Holy Ghost was sent to comfort us.

I hope that when I turn 8 I can be baptized & receive this special gift from Heavenly Father.


Kipn n' Sarah said...

So so so so stinkin cute and a great idea. I bet it totally kept the kids attention by looking at a present. You sure have a cute little man on your hands!

Robyn said...

He looks so cute! What a handsome little man!

Jack Attack said...

so cute...both Beckham and the talk. want to write mine next month for me?

Lyndsie said...

what a perfect little talk!! brit, that is great! i'll need to put it in my file if you don't mind!! :) i can see why he was so excited!

Tiff said...

I love that talk I am stilling that idea I love it!

Lance and Becky said...

What a cutie, and I love the always amaze me (miss crafy) That's a great idea!

Natalie said...

Becks will never have a problem giving fabulous talks with you behind have some amazing ideas. That picture with him holding the box is dang cute.

I have to tell you I was a little sad missing Swiss days and then we pulled into Solvang and I said to Tyler "this is way better than Swiss days". I still miss the bad you didn't get any good pictures.

Tell Becks to pray for Clintie boy...he's not doing well!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Wish I could have been there to hear/see it. I love Primary talks because it really reminds me of what this church is really about. (In the name of...)