Thursday, June 26, 2008

...make me for the 4th...

I know that not everybody checks my Recipe Blog {which you totally should!}.  But this cake is a must if you are having any 4th of July festivities!  It looks a little intimidating but it really isn't hard.  You could also just ditch the whole piping the frosting thing & be fine!  But trust me it is so yummy & pretty to look at... cause let's be honest-- everybody likes to have the most impressive dish at the party.  Right???

{click image to enlarge... unless you have some bionic sight!}

**feel free to print this recipe card.  It is in 5X7 format, so you can "save image as..." save on your computer or to a disk.  Take or upload to your fav photo developer... I just use Costco for something like this & Voila!  If you have fancy photo paper at home, just disregard that last bit!

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Jack Attack said...

you are evil! this looks so pretty. I think I'll make it just to look at it b/c I won't be having any of it. we'll talk when I get up north.