Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now THAT'S a sHiNeR!!!

Tonight Beckham, Quinn & my brother Brock went on a 4-wheeler ride. Beckham loves anything that goes fast. Well lets just say that they might have got going a little too fast. They were going over some "loopdy-loops"(big bumps) as Becks called them & when they came down, the handle bar just jumped up and got him right in the eye. Quinn said that he didn't cry too hard & that he just wanted to keep going. When they got home he must have asked me 20 times to look at his boo-boo in the mirror. He said it was just like on Doctor Daisy from Mickey Mouse Club House...for those who have kids. Anyway, he was pretty proud, & wanted to put it right on the computer to show Bobbi(grammy) Donna.


Vickie said...

Becks, sorry about the eye, big guy. It will get better - you actually look pretty cute with the added color on your face. Aunt Vickie loves and misses you lots.

Cook Family said...

Poor Beckham, but he's so tough. I'm impressed! And hey it's a war wound he can be proud of. :)