Friday, November 9, 2007


Can I just tell you all how excited I am. This morning I had to come to work early to do some funeral arrangements for George Osmonds funeral and I was listening to the radio. I know nothing new right? Then they started playing kind of a game called "Joe's List". Kind of like Craig's List. What would you trade for Garth Brooks concert tickets. So, I called and told them that I would trade the funeral arrangement that I had just made and stay to make another one, if they would give me the tickets. Long story short. They let me keep the arrangement and gave me a pair of tickets to the sold out concert in Kansas City... on MONDAY. And believe it or not, they are pretty good seat. Lower bowl 16Th row. Needless to say I am totally excited even though at the present time I have no idea how I will get there or where I will stay. I'll update ya later!!!


Jack Attack said...

Nice! Never been a Garth fan, but free tickets...can't beat it. so glad to see you joined the world 'o blog (kind-of an ugly word). We've got to get together when I am in town for Christmas.

Becks & Avi said...

That sounds great. I can't wait to see Jack again. He's getting so big!! Any more on the way? They grow up too fast!!! Becks will be 3 in january and Avi 1 at the end of the month. I can't even believe it. And I'm done. Crazy to think that my baby is 1. Well I love to look at your pics and keep updated. Oh, what new camera did you get. I am in the market right now. I want the canon rebel xti. Chat again soon.

The Mac's said...

SO SO Jealous! Wish I could go with you! We talked about going, and staying with my sister who just moved there. But the tickets sold so fast, and I wasn't quite sure if I could leave my baby:( I hope you have a great time! ~Summer(from recipe club)