Monday, December 7, 2009

avi's party details... finally!

sory that it took me so long to get thses pics up! if it makes you feel better i haven't even gotten my christmas tree up yet:( the party was super fun & all the kids had a "sweet" time. sorry, i couldn't help myself!

{you must have plenty of sweet treats...}

{& a few yummy activities}

{adding more sugar is never a bad idea}

{a game is a must!}

{with candy markers of course}

{here's the card i made. it is 6x6, you can fit 4 on a 12x12 paper}
i printed them on cream pearlized paper & clipped the edges with a corner rounder

{i went to the store to get a # candle & when i went to put it in the cupcake
my friend said "is she 2?". i had totally bought a #2 candle instead
of a #3:) hence the 3 separate candles.}

{knowing this little one, she probably wished for more sugar}

{conclusion::: one finger licking party!}



Natalie said...

So cute. I love that you bought the 2 candle instead of 3...sounds like you've been a bit busy! The candy and sweets look divine. Hope all is well. xoxo

Em said...

You never cease to amaze me. That looks so adorable!!!

Jack Attack said...

very cute. but a handful of 3 year olds on a sugar was that?

Natalie said...

Seriously you are the cutest mommy EVER!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm just so loving this.

I've been a blog stalker for a while. Then I saw you at Christmas Around the World with your mom. I was a folk dancer. Have lots and lots of memories of your mom. I thought about coming over and saying hi but just couldn't get past how lame I would have felt to say, "Hi, you don't know me but I love your blog."

Anyhow, thanks for sharing this party. It really is so adorable.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

You are the MOST AMAZING party planner I have ever meet! I WILL be calling you when I start planning Brooke's party. Her theme is going to be a "Butterfly Ball" I Think?? It is going to be in July so quite a ways away, but yes I am already thinking and I will be calling you:) You are amazing and it looks like fun fun times, well sweet times!

Lindsay said...

one word... AMAZING!!! You are so creative! That is the cutest birthday part I have ever seen! love it

Mark and Michal said...

All I can say is Wow!

Scott and Ashlee Phillips said...

Your truly my Birthday party inspiration. I can tell you put your heart into the party :) 3 months and counting until madisons first birthday party. Im for sure an amature but im going to try.

Tanner + his girls said...

adorable!! wish we could of come i was so bummed!!