Monday, August 24, 2009

bad things happen in 3's... right?

hopefully our string of bad luck is over!  it started about 3 weeks ago now, when i fell off our front porch & ruptured all the blood vessels on the outside of my left foot:(  now, 3 weeks later, it still hurts to walk too much.  sorry no pics of my black, blue, green, purple & yellow swollen foot.

5 days later... we were up out the cabin with all the cousins & the kids were out playing, when all of the sudden, someone comes in carrying becks.  he has a gash in his leg so deep you can see the fat & there is blood dripping down to his foot.  AWESOME!!!  sunday night was spent in the pediatric after hours getting 7 stitches in his leg.  he was a champ though!  he watched the whole thing & didn't cry once.  he told quinn, that it was just because he was there:)  the worst part about the whole thing is that summer was over for him 10 days early.  no water anything while the stitches were in & he didn't get them out until the first day of school.

{a mended wound}

{just playing around before the fun starts}

{easy does it...}

{just checkin' out his new lightning mcqueen bandage}

6 days after that...  i had taken the kids to the park so quinn could get the mowing done quicker.  we had a great time, but when we got home, quinn pulled me aside & told me that lola had been hit by a car.  the most maddening part was, the car didn't even stop.  he assured me that she was fine, but of course i went right to the garage to check for myself.  turned out she wasn't fine... she wouldn't stand up, she just sat there looking at me.  when we tried to stand her up her leg would just flop.  i called my friend, the dogs groomer, to ask her opinion.  she told me some tests to do to make sure she was okay for the night & called the vet to let them know we'd be bringing her in first thing in the morning.  she was fine that night & in the morning we took her in to find out that she had a fractured leg & would need surgery to put pins in to hold it together.  she is doing fine now, but now she is the one that can't do too much.

{one sad, wounded puppy}

{with one seriously bad haircut!}

i really hope that we will be injury free for a while at our house & that lola's hair grows back quick!


Andrea C. said...

Ughh Brit - you really have had it rough! So sorry - but it's a good thing all of you are so tough right!?

Kipn n' Sarah said...

WOW does not sound like the best of times that is for sure! I really, really hope that is the end of the pain in your home for a while! Glad everybody is kinda ok!

Liz said...

I hope all is well with you guys too, I hate that things come in threes. Be safe Fullmers

Natalie said...

Are you kidding me? I am so sorry. I can't believe all this happened. HOpe you are doing okay. I've been thinking about you guys...hope things get better!