Tuesday, July 14, 2009

holy cow... i won!

i am not a big contest enterer, because i have always thought to myself- "if i like something, i don't need someone to tell me if they agree with me."  & i don't mean that with any sort of disrespect!  i just have never needed to walk the same way as everyone else.  but i have to be honest~ i am totally flattered that cjane & whoever else was looking, liked what they saw!

anyway... onto the details.  i was on my friend Haley's blog & i saw that she had submitted a picture to this little blog contest, so i followed her link & did the same.  i didn't think much else of it until i was reading a comment from someone on my blog & saw that they had seen me on cjane.  so i went back & low & behold- i won.  thanks cjane for the fun contest & for making my week just that much happier:)

p.s. i might not pass on all contests anymore.

{my sweet avi bug waving at the flag was my winning shot}


Jack Attack said...

nice job! what do you win? too bad we couldn't hook up to do some photos. I may be coming back up in Sept when Aaron does the LOTOJA. will let you know so we can coordinate in advance.

Brooke said...

Yes!!! I had a feeling you would win. I love the nostalgic feel of that photo. Way to go!!!! You super talented girlie. :)

Lyndsie said...

very fun! way to go brit!! i can see why that picture won...so cute! :)

Vince said...

I had a feeling you would win. I love the nostalgic feel of that photo.

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