Tuesday, June 2, 2009

roller derby Avi & the bug atrium...

first let me start by saying, i am not dead... just super busy & a little overwhelmed.  i won't go into that right now, but i will give you a funny glimpse into the past couple of days at our house.
yesterday i was doing some painting ::: more on that to come ::: when i looked over and saw becks helping avi get decked out in his roller skating gear.  when i asked her what they were doing he simply looked at me & calmly explained that he was going to hook a rope on to the back of his power wheel john deer tractor & then avi was going to hold onto it & he was going to pull her:)  when i calmly told him that was a very terrible idea, he smiled & said..." maybe when she's 45."  i chuckled & said, "maybe:)"  after i foiled that plan, avi wasn't ready to give up.  she sported that look for a good hour.  even after becks moved on to his potato bug atrium.  as soon as i had gotten them to bed, i went right outside &  released his captives from there 'honey i blew up the garden' home & finished my painting... which my mother-in-law won't comment on.  i'm pretty sure that no news is bad news on this one.  i'll put it up for vote later in the week. 

{securing the safety devices}

{admiring how great she looks sporting super hero garb}

{she caught me with the camera & couldn't help but make the prettiest face}

{beckham collecting his captors}

{all in an hour with my kids:)}


Skoot D said...

I absolutely LOVE that I get to live with this family!! Thank you SOOO much Becks & Avi for letting me into your home!!


Skoot D


Tiff said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you forever! I can't wait to see your project I am sure its amazing!

Tiffany and Shane Speakman said...

oh your kids are so cute! we went private so if you would like to keep up the speakmans email your email address to tibumb@hotmail.com thanks!

Angeleah said...

I love reading your blog...I think you are completely insane with all the wonderfully crazy and creative things you do...Our blog is