Friday, April 3, 2009

when life gives you rain...

make a fashion statement!  lately the posts have seemed to be all about avi... becks has been a little camera shy.  anyhoo, when it rained today we were just getting ready to go to dinner but avi wanted to play in the rain before we went.  i loved the miss matchy outfit & couldn't help but grab my camera & snap a couple shots.  even though it has been super gloomy lately, avi seems to really brighten up ANY day!

 avi rain pic 1

avi rain pic 2

avi rain pic 3

avi rain pic 4

 **check back next week & i'll be giving you these little picture scalloped picture frames i made:)


Natalie said...

those are darling frames. and that last pictue is my favorite, super cute! hope you guys are doing well.

Tanner + his girls said...

cute as always! thank you again for the darling shoes your too generous also when are you going to start a photography business i love your pics... you all around talented mama

Jo said...

I just stumled upon your blog ~ so cute! Your daughter is adorable. I love her outfit. It's perfect for a little dancing in the rain.


Sha said...

Where did you find that umbrella!? Can't get enough of that little girl's cuteness!

Dan and Al Gardner said...

So cute! I was just going to comment how cute those frames are!