Sunday, March 1, 2009

tea for two...

this last week, while becks was at school, avi had a little tea party in her room.  i could help but grab my camera & snap some shots!  she is so funny while she plays pretend.  she talks in a higher voice & is so polite:)  now if i could only get her to clean up after herself!

    {just a little tea party}

  {she is such a good sharer:)}

   {aren't plastic cupcakes delicious!?!}

     {good till the last drop}

{tea parties are too much fun!}

{just the right amount of cream & sugar}

{it's my tea party & i'll throw a fit if i want to}


Kaerlig said...

Can Ellie come next time? She loves pretend tea parties.

Skoot D said...

I would like to say just one thing...You have two of the CUTEST & KINDEST kids I know!! I'm SOOO grateful that you have welcomed me into your "family"!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

( that was more than just "one" thing!!! Hee, hee, hee)

The Fago Family said...

She is a DOLL!!! So cute I can't help but smile!

Jen said...

She is too cute for words! Got to loves those tea parties :)

Tanner + his girls said...

dang girl girl you are darn tootin good at photography...of course avi is just the cutest model evvverrr love and miss you!!!

Liz said...

She is so cute, I sometimes wish i had a girl to see the girl side of pretending. And what with the ectasy comment? I was very confused.