Friday, February 6, 2009

lucky lunch..

last week we were out running errands & stopped to grab some lunch.  while we were there we noticed a cute new couple that just moved into our neighborhood... which the husband just happens to be a fireman.   they were eating with about 10 other firemen & becks couldn't have been more excited!!!  after we all finished our lunch they took us out back to see the fire truck.  they were so sweet & showed him every little thing.  even their fridge:)  avi was a little more shy, every time they asked her if she wanted to see, she looked up at them & quietly said-"no tank you."  after it was all said & done they gave both the kids a fireman badge.  thanks guys!!!

{the badge}

{figuring out the hose}

{my  gang with the gang}

{cozy on T5}

{i got this driving thing down!}

{i think this seat is JUST right!}

{love at 1st sight}


Natalie said...

What would this world be without friendly fireman? That's such a cute story and darling pictures too!

Scott & Ashlee Phillips said...

I love looking at your blog. Your children are darling. I was wondering if you would take pictures my baby's pictures when she's born. I don't know if you're taking pictures professionally...if not you I thought I would ask!?

Lyndsie said...

i'm sure beckham was in heaven! that looks way too fun...

Kipn n' Sarah said...

My husband is almost done with the hireing process with LA City Fire Department and I am so excited!! It is a good thing to aspire to be! Looks like a fun day and exciting turn of events for your lunch.... and you just happened to have your camera too!