Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving take-home boxes, this is a long one!...

My amazing, talented, beautifully creative friend Debbie Lew is my fun partner in crime for this little project.  She did this a few years ago for her Thanksgiving guests & it was so fun!  She is my muse for all things crafty & am so glad she helped me make these little lovelies.   I think this is such a great idea & we wanted to share it with all of you.  I know that it is a lot of pictures, but i wanted to give you step by step instructions & also a couple of different style to finish them.  I hope that you will feel as inspired by debbie as i do!!!  

{Thanksgiving take-home boxes}

{the ingredients...}

the theme for our boxes was turkey sandwiches.  you could pack whatever you wanted in yours, but we found these things easy to pack.  You can also do a couple of different things in the construction of the boxes.  the year debbie did them, she cooked another turkey a couple of days before thanksgiving.  she didn't stuff it, she just filled it with lemon & herbs & cooked it up.  She made up her boxes with her daughters before thanks giving & just refrigerated them until she was ready to give them.   You could also have all of the packing products (boxes, cello bags, waxed paper, jars, twine, ect.) ready for your guest after your Thanksgiving Feast & they could pack up there own, just the way they want.

Here's what we filled ours with...



{pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...}

{yummy bread... you could also use rolls}

{cranberry jelly & gravy... in recycled anne made jelly jars jars}

{we adorned them with vintage clip art cards...}

{just printed out of books on linen paper & cut with pinking sheers}

{we used a 6 x 6 kraft colored box... we got ours from Xpedx}

{we wrapped our stuffing...}

{in brown waxed paper...}

{the same way...}

{debbie's mom used to wrap...}

{her sandwiches for school lunch...}


{we started with the jelly & gravy... heavies on the bottom}

{& then packed the rest in.  with the lighted on top.}

{we finished this one with brown satin ribbon & one of the clip art tags.}

{another we simplified & tied up with turkey twine & added fall colored leaf die cuts.}

play around with it & just have fun.  this time of year is for family & friends to spend time together & enjoy the things we are so blessed with.  
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!


em ♥ russ said...

such a cute idea! i love it!

Natalie said...

so both are simply amazing.

Ellery said...

how cute is that?! what a fun idea.

and yes they should have hunted down my pot smoking edward. he was perfect..stoned and all. your comment cracked me up :)

charity said...

what a great idea! SO cute!

Kacy said...

MOVE OVER MARTHA! Britnee is in the house. If I didn't love ya I'd hate ya.

Lance and Becky said...

What a fun idea, they are sooo cute!

Jack Attack said...

can you whip up some or those for me since we are dining out for Thanksgiving. gonna miss the left-overs. I'm coming home for Christmas...we need to get together and eat some yummy Tarahumara.

Sha said...

Such a great idea! We're going to NYC for the Macy's Day parade and will miss out on Thanksgiving dinner that day. I never thought of "toting" around our Thanksgiving meal. Maybe we'll do that....

Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

Sha said...

("Macy's THANKSGIVING Day Parade", that is.) :^}

elizabeth said...

you're amazing girl!!!! and it looks delicious too!

Yes I remember dixie chicks that was a BLAST!! I still have the feathers from their boas they threw to the audience!!


Rebecca said...

These are great!! :)