Thursday, September 18, 2008

some good friends, a birthday & YeS... more ice cream--

today is my sweet friend K*** little angels birthday.  so to celebrate we took all the kids to the park, picked up some Happy Meals (& subway for us) & just let the kids be kids.  after lunch & play, we decide to grab some iCe CrEaM to polish it all off.  i know... we eat a lot of ice cream!-- but look what cute pics you get!  Happy Birthday Kerbs.  we love u!!!!

{the birthday girlie}

{checkin out the park}

{her proud big sis}

{sweet little kate}

{becks, not willing to put down his cheeseburger}

{jacki & here beautiful blues}

{B & P... becks was a little more excited than Pres}

{picking out just the right flavor is serious business}

{the birthday girl enjoying her ice cream}

{too many pics!!!  no more!}

{avi picked PiNk... of course!}

{& becks just had to have sprinkles}

{& chocolate!}

{do not get too close to my ice cream}

{... back oFF...}

{oh wait, mine is pink...}

{so why do i have a chocolate mustache???}

{oh yeah~ i ate becks too}


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Fun times! Your kids are cute, Ice Cream is THE BEST and quite serious business if you ask me! Looks like a funtastic day!

Kesley Galland said...

Ok- you need to make me a disk of the pictures of today! I love all of them!! I was showing the pictures to Kerbie and she was so excited to see Becks and Avie- she kept saying their names over and over- I also think she has a little crush on Becks- every morning I pick him up for school she totally blushes and laughs non stop! Super cute! See you tomorrow-

Tiff said...

So cute! Looks like Fun - Love those pics!!!

Chad and Margaret Olson said...

ok so is it just me or does Kerbie look A LOT like Presley?! What adorable kids....all of you! I'm glad someone likes ice cream as much as I do.

Lance and Becky said...

What cute kids...seriously! Love the picture of Beck and that cute little girl....he's going to be a little charmer!

Cook Family said...

Ah c' can never have too much ice cream! Such cute pictures..that looks like loads of fun!

Mary and Ryan said...

You are a really good photographer Brit!But who is surpised? YOu are pretty good at everything!!Such cute kids!!

Kaerlig said...

I'm getting in the mood for icecream.