Sunday, July 27, 2008

primary pioneer day parade...

for the 24th we had such a fun time at our wards pioneer day parade.  the kids had such a blast decorating there bikes & scooters.  i wish i would have gotten a picture of this boys scooter!  the sign on the front said "non-stop to Salt Lake".  i thought that it was so clever!  thanks to the primary for putting this all together!  can't wait to do it again next year!

{all the kids: getting ready for the parade}

{Becks & his bike getting in place}

{Quinn & Avi-- what gReAt parade watchers}

{Ellie & her darling decorated bike}

{there were even horses}

{having some slight helmet issues}

{coming back to the church}

{what a fun bunch}

{he's just so pAtRiOtIc!}


elizabeth said...

looks fun!!

Sha said...

Wow! Your ward goes all-out for the 24th! I bet Beckham will remember that for a long time. By the way, sorry I missed your b-day. Happy 25th?, 26th, 23rd??! ;^)

Tiff said...

Can I just say I am dying to get ahold of you I called the store the other day and it just rang and rang you need to get a phone!!!

Tiff said...

okay just kidding just read the text about your birthday I see ya still have the same # ha ha so funny I will call you tomorrow!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Looks like fun, what a great idea!!! Your pictuers are way cute too!

Kaerlig said...

Thanks for documenting the parade. Great pics!