Tuesday, April 15, 2008

anyone for a spring ski?...

For Becks Birthday my friend Amy gave him a ski lesson & lift ticket. Since P.C. has gotten so much snow, we just went up this weekend for his lesson. & In Beckham's own words..."I totally ROCK at skiing!" & he did! The weather was gorgeous & the company was superb. Oh yeah & did I mention that I DON'T SKI? That's right, no skiing for me! But Beck's loves it. So, good thing for Amy!
p.s. I saw a comment inquiring about our new dog...I promise to post those pictures later this week! He's darling!
{Becks chillin' in his shades}

{getting used to the gear}

{cruisin' solo at mock "O"}

{Amy just helping him along}

{such an intense face}

{now for the BIG time}

{i love this shot}

{"look Becks...your mom wants to take another picture}

{the teacher & her pupil}

{nothin' like some hot cocoa after a long day on the slopes}

{let's pack it up mom...I'm done}


sillyhaywardfamily said...

How cute is beckham!! Heis going to be tearing down those slopes in no time!!! Oh and Amy (if you read this) you look so cute I haven't seen you forever!!!!

Jack Attack said...

what!?!?! you don't ski? your child looks like a natural. growing up in the resort town of PC you were no one if you didn't ski (okay, not that extreme...you weird just considered weird) Becks learned on my mountain where I learned to ski. I am coming home next weekend to help my sister at the craft fair and hope there is some snow to get in a few runs. so jealous!

Jack Attack said...

and I can type real GOOD...it was supposed to say "you were just considered weird"

Lyndsie Field said...

what a fun thing!! i need to put zac in ski lessons next winter as well as myself...i don't ski either brit! and i LOVE that ski/sky shot...your pictures are lookin' good! :)

Tiff said...

He is so cute and he does ROCK!

Jonny & Sarah said...

You got some AWESOME shots! What a cute little skier! He looks like a pro =)

My three sons said...

Oh my goodness! That is so so cute! I can't believe he is so big! I forgot you didn't know how to ski! Remember when I was almost dating Chad Christiansen and his weird friend would always invite me to go skiing with him! Ha ha he totally loved you! Remember we had to sneek under those beads hanging at the top of my stairs to get out of my house at 2 am and that kid would pick us up in his dorkmobile! sorry, my old mean girl high school just poked out for a minute! I hope we can get together soon!

Katie said...

Such cute picutres Brit...Beckham is darling!